Massage: How the therapy works and helps

Stroking, kneading, pressing, knocking, rolling, walking, a massage is not exactly sick.  The body work not only loosens tense muscles, but is also associated with numerous positive effects for the organism.That is why massage places near me in Dallas, TX can be used as an accompanying treatment for a wide variety of illnesses.

Types of massage

Massages are considered to be one of the oldest remedies.  They relax and revitalize, loosen up tense muscles, promote blood circulation and stimulate the metabolism.  During the massage, the skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscles and deeper tissues are treated with the hands or special equipment.  As an accompanying therapy, various massages are prescribed by the doctor and carried out by a trained masseur or physiotherapist.  Some variants are also suitable for self-treatment or can be implemented by the partner.

How a massage affects the body

A massage is associated with local effects in the treated area of ​​the body, which are due to the improved blood flow to the skin and deeper tissues as well as to the relaxation of the muscles.  In addition, so-called reflex effects are ascribed to some massages, i.e. effects that go beyond the locally treated area and extend to more distant tissues and organs.

 Depending on the type of massage, different effects should be achieved.  The main effects of massage include:

 Release of tension in the muscles

 Relief from pain, for example back pain or neck pain

 Increased blood flow to the skin and deeper layers

 Improving the condition of the skin and its elasticity

 Affecting the subcutaneous tissue and connective tissue

 Increase in lymph drainage

 Solution or relief from congestion

 Loosening of scar tissue

 Stimulation of the metabolism and promotion of the removal of metabolic products, for example by increasing urine excretion

 targeted influencing of internal organs, for example by stimulating intestinal peristalsis

 mental relaxation

 A massage helps against sore muscles.  Athletes benefit from a sports massage before or after training or a competition.  It helps to regenerate muscles and increase their performance. With other types of massage, the focus is not on the therapeutic benefit, but on relaxation and well-being or pleasure in erotic massages.

 Many wellness facilities, beauty departments in thermal baths and spas in hotels offer an unmanageable variety of massage applications, some with sonorous names and promising effects.There are a number of diseases in which massage should not be used or only under certain circumstances with particular caution.