Understanding Common Types of Exercise and How to Get Started

If you want to look like your favorite local celebrity, it is time that you get into shape through exercising. Soon after you start exercising, you will begin to see and feel the benefits not only on your body but also your well-being. However, exercise takes a lot of determination and sticking to it requires discipline.

Before you register at a premium fitness club in the Philippines, you should understand common types of exercise. This way, you will know how to get started. Do not dive right into it without any knowledge because it can possibly turn out to be a waste of time and resources.

So, what are the common types of exercise?

The common types of exercise can be done individually or can be combined depending on your fitness goals. The important thing here is doing the exercise that suits you best. The common types of exercise include the following:

  • Aerobic: this is the core of any fitness program because it includes periods of uninterrupted movements. Examples of aerobic exercises include swimming and running.
  • Strength: this helps in increasing muscle power and strength. Examples of strength exercises include resistance training, weight lifting, and plyometrics.
  • Calisthenics: this is done without gym equipment. Examples of calisthenics include sit-ups, lunges and push/pull-ups.
  • HIIT (High-intensity Interval Training): this refers to repetitions of short rounds of high-intensity exercise followed by rest periods (or low-intensity exercises).
  • Balance/stability: this helps strengthen muscles and it can enhance body coordination. Examples of balance/stability include Pilates and core-strengthening exercises.
  • Flexibility: this facilitates muscle recovery and maintains range of motion. It can also prevent injuries. Examples of flexibility exercises include yoga and stretch movements.

Understanding Common Types of Exercise

Now what?

After learning the common types of exercise, it is important that you consider a few things before you actually start an exercise routine. Here’s how to get started :

  • Consult your doctor: if you are not used to strenuous exercises, it is crucial that you check your health first. This is when you consult your doctor and get a physical medical examination.
  • Set realistic goals: if you are good to go, the next thing to do is to set realistic goals. The practical thing to do is to start with a plan of easy-to-follow-steps then you can increase it along the way.
  • Make it a habit: the key component of exercise is to stick to your routine. This is easier said than done but it is something that you have to consider if you are looking for a long-term exercise routine. To start, you need to make a schedule – or you can exercise at the same time every day to sustain your routine. Your goal here is to make it last.
  • Know how much exercise you should do: according to the American College of Sports Medicine, the recommended physical activity is at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise – every week.

Final words

For more effective exercise sessions, you should stay hydrated and optimise your nutrition. Aside from that, you should not forget warm up and cool down. More importantly https://www.celebrityfitness.com.ph/, you should listen to your body. If you are not used to working out every day, you need to be mindful of your limits so you do not overly strain your body.